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I believe that critical thinking will help me to be more discerning in what I read it will make me stop and think about what I am reading and the arguments and conclusions that are presented. When writing critical thinking will help me to present information in a manner that is backed with information that will support my arguments and conclusions. Most of all I think that critical thinking will help me in processing things that I read, see on TV, and the interactions that I have with other people. It will allow me to asses the situation and draw a conclusion for myself that I can provide valid and sound arguments. When I am evaluating articles I will now be able to look at them critically and be
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Unformatted text preview: able to pick out statements that are sound and make a decision as to whether these statements are valid. Critical thinking will allow me also to bring a critical eye to decided if the claims that are made are true. I have learned in this class that you can not always take the medias word. The media is going to put a spin on things that are going to influence you to see things in the manner that they do. I feel that I can now hold a conversation and use my critical thinking skills to communicate with others the way in which I view things, and to be able to comprehend what they are saying and decipher whether their statement are valid as well as sound....
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