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Stereotypes effect the people and society because society draws a generalized conclusion about a race or ethnic group and applies it to the entire population. These stereotypes are "exaggerated generalizations" (Schaefer, pg 43.) By making situations out to be more than they are, people begin to think that the stereotype applies to all. Stereotypes are not always bad there are some good, but they still are not true for all members of the group. An example of this would be from the Irish Monkey Cartoons. When the Irish first arrived in the United
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Unformatted text preview: States they were poor and illiterate. They lived in the slums, and so through the use of political cartoons and what people read in newspapers the entire society started to think that everyone who was Irish was uneducated, poor, and lacked good housing. Also the political cartoons drew the Irish in a way that made them look animal like. Giving people the impression that these people were no better than an animal. The Irish people were even seen as being below the blacks, who often were also portrayed in similar fashion as the Irish in cartoons....
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