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I feel that in the video with Sen. Martha G. Scott in her rally for fair affordable insurance and institutional racism is effecting the situation because the rate the people are being charged is based on where they live, their credit scores and what they make. Sen. Scott feels that people who have a lower income are being discriminated against and being forced to pay more just because they are seen as more of a risk. Sen. Scott believes that it shouldn't matter how much you make, or where you live, everyone should be treated the same no matter what their situation. I can think of an example of institutional racism that I deal with on a daily basis. I work as an in home care provider. Most of the people whom I care for their care is paid for through local and state programs. There is this belief that
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Unformatted text preview: people who utilize these programs are to lazy to do things for themselves so they fake their situation so that they qualify to get help. As a person going in and taking care of these people I do see that some people are abusing the system, but there are people out there who do need the help and it is not because they are lazy it is because they truly are not able to certain daily functions without some type of assistance. There are plenty of people who have spoken out about the system that our state and local agencies use to assess if someone qualifies for this help. In the last 5 years a Union has been formed to not only help organize and take a stand for the care providers themselves but also for the clients....
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