Checkpoint Jihad the Bible and Quaran

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The conventional interpretation of personal jihad is a persons struggle to cleanse the soul of evil influences and sin. The idea is that Allah comes first and you try to resist the pressures of the world to not give in to people who are not believers and that it is necessary to spread the message of Islam. The conventional interpretation of physical jihad is using physical force in order to defend Muslim against people seen as enemies of Allah, Islam, and Muslims. Even though Allah states that Muslims are to lead lives of peace and not cause harm. The Qua' ran even tells the people that if they are persecuted and oppressed that they should move to a place that is more peaceful. In today's world this has been interpreted that has lead to the use of suicide bombers killing innocent people. Christians deal with issues of violence, oppression of women, and hurtful acts are things that are discussed in the Bible and are morally wrong, but also in the Bible it talks about how Christians should love each other as well as God, and
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