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DQ 1 - math teacher who as an Asian Indian and along with...

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Here in the Spokane area we do have a large population of Asian Indians and they do work in convenience stores and motels. I have found that a lot of these Asian Indians are actual owners of the stores. I noticed this weekend when I went over to Seattle that the hotel that we stayed in was run and managed by Asian Indians, this was the case also one other time when we stayed at a different hotel. When I was attending one of the local community colleges I had a
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Unformatted text preview: math teacher who as an Asian Indian, and along with our large healthcare industry we get a lot of them coming here to work. The Asian Indians are accepted in out community we have had several restaurants open that cater to their food. I would say that the Asian Indians are sticking to many of their own cultural ideas but in some areas they are assimilating. I do tend to see more and more of them moving away for traditional dress and wearing jeans and t-shirts....
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