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Both the Chinese and the Japanese faced segregation to some degree when the came here especially in places like California. The Chinese came here and worked hard to build our railroads and were pretty much never given any real credit for doing so until much later. Once the job was done they were pushed aside and treated as second class citizens. They were not allowed to become American citizens, and the United States went on to ban the Chinese from immigrating to the United States. The Japanese on the other hand were sent to interment camps during world war two because the United States feared that they were providing information to the Japanese homeland.
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Unformatted text preview: China and Japan are both large countries with very large populations. Within each country you find a lot of cultural diversity. Immigrants who have came to the United States at different times to different towns has given them a different experience. Also because they have so many other similarities often times especially here in the United States Japanese and Chinese Americans get lumped into big group. It is the same way in which we have lumped all Latinos all because we are not capable of distinguishing the difference between the two cultures....
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