Capstone Checkpoint - already come a long way with electing...

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I think that the chapters in the book on Muslims and Islam were helpful it helped me to realize that there is a difference between the two, and that these two groups should not be lumped together. One is an ethnic group, and the other is a religion. There are Muslims who practice the Islamic faith, but not all Muslims are Islamic. I think that this is something that a vast majority of Americans do not realize, and that we are too busy living in fear of terrorism to stop and see the difference. It is much easier for us to just put them in one large group. I would not say that I have learned anything new about my own personal history, but I have defiantly learned more about the histories, traditions, and struggles of other ethnic groups as they have came to be known in the United States. I think that by the year 2050 roles around we are going to see more ethnic diversity in our local government, but also the federal government. We have
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Unformatted text preview: already come a long way with electing the first black American president. I think that within my lifetime we will see a women president also. I believe that one day we may have a president who is of a different ethnicity. Our country can prepare for the changing race and ethnicity issues for our future citizen by first doing something to control the amount of immigrants coming into the country. I feel that especially with our current economic situation we need to focus on helping the people who pay their taxes, work, and live here. We need to work on the educational system in the United states to better educated Americans on the differences of the many different ethnic groups out there. We need to work towards not lumping all Asians, and Mexicans/Latinos into one group, but realize that they share things in common, but have many differences....
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Capstone Checkpoint - already come a long way with electing...

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