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Conducting research online is very different from conducting research in a library. In a library you have books, magazines, newspapers, reference materials, audio visual, and electronic resources in which you can gather research information. Doing research at a library is a lot more time consuming because you have to find the information this may mean searching for a specific book, looking through micro fiche, sorting through reference material, and even going through electronic sources. If the book that you need isn't available you may have to go to another library to get it or even wait for it to be sent to you. All of these things are time consuming and require patience. Doing research online is a lot different from when I was in high school and even in my early years of college. Now days there are more ways of searching through the billions upon billions of web pages out there. You are able to do searches based on keywords or even phrases. Materials like encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, books are becoming
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