Week 3 Assignment Due Day 7

Week 3 Assignment Due Day 7 - Out of the four topic that...

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Out of the four topic that this assignment allowed us to choose from I choose to look for articles on time management for college students. The first database that I used was EBSCOhost. The keywords that I used was "Time Management". The title of the article is "College Students Academic Stress and It's Relation To Their Anxiety, Time Management, and Leisure Satisfaction". The article is written by Ranjita Misra and Michelle McKean. The article was published in the American Journal of Health Studies in 2006 and was a peer reviews article. This article talks about the relationship between academic stress, anxiety, time management, and leisure satisfaction. This article suggests that females are more effective than males at management of their time, but females had more stress and anxiety. Males benefited more from leisure activities. It also found that freshman and sophomores had a greater reaction to stress than to upper classmen. I learned that it seems that females are better and management of time which if you stop and think about
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