Week 3 Checkpoint Due Day 3

Week 3 Checkpoint Due Day 3 - written format is better just...

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The technological tools that are provided by Axia are far superior to the tools that were available when I first started college and was taking classes online. I find that the tutorials are helpful, and are able to get rid of some of the confusion that I had. The digital stories that I have seen I have to admit are corny and the whole idea of them are lame. The whole ideas and concepts behind them I just do not find appealing. The audio appendixes are helpful to a point but I find that I comprehend better from written material. I don't believe that the option to download the appendixes in audio format improves the quality of the education I am receiving. I think that they are just extraneous and that the
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Unformatted text preview: written format is better just for the style in which I learn. I don't think that it makes it any more convenient than printing out the written format. With the written format I have something tangible. I can take the written format and jot down notes and ideas right on the paper. An audio version of that it is not possible to keep all my ideas in one spot with the original words . Since I find the audio version wasteful I don't even bother to download them and therefore it is not helping me to learn in a different way. I would say that out of the all the tools available the audio tools are ones that I will use rarely if not only when it is the only option to view something....
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