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The Student Code of Academic Integrity to me is just a guide as to what the school constitutes as cheating. The school wants you to create your own ideas and to grow intellectually. I feel that out of the seven forms of dishonesty the one that I find being a threat to being a good student is the fact that we are not able to use previously written papers for other classes. I feel that this is unfair because you as a student have already written this paper and I feel that if you have the chance to use it that you should be able to
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Unformatted text preview: do so but you should have to expand on the ideas of the original paper. If the ideas are your own, and you have used proper citation then I do not feel that the use of a previously written paper is in any way cheating because you did the work, it is your property and you should be able to use it how you see fit. Using your own works is not plagiarizing, it is simply being smart to produce good writing material and to save it so that you can at some later date use it again or expand on it....
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