Week 5 Checkpoint Due Day 3

Week 5 Checkpoint Due Day 3 - A short-term goal is a goal...

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A short-term goal is a goal that can be achieved in short amount of time such as a week, or a month, but the goal also can be part of a long-term goal. Long term goals may have an undecided time frame, or there could be a set amount of time such as six months, a year, or even several years for completion of the goal. The goals that one chooses to set are based on the values that they have. Myself I was raised with the value that education is important. Still today at the age of 28 I hold true to that value. If I didn't still believe in that value then I would not of over came the obstacles and challenges to continue on with my higher education goals. The values that one haves are going to assist in setting goals that are going to help with grow as a person. The best way to prioritize is to place an order of importance on ones goals. By outlining the goals smaller steps are created to best accomplish these small goals that will lead to the larger goal. Deciding on how these are going to be organized is going to be based on
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