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Week 7 checkpoint Due day 3 - was in front of computer...

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Have obscure and contradictory information that will create discussion. Try not to provide your audience with too much information. Practice your presentation this way you can work out any of the kinks and pay attention to your body language. Don't try to be a comedian. A few off hand jokes are ok, but try not to over do it. Use props to demonstrate a specific point. Make the presentation about your audience. Use terminology that your audience is familiar with. Explain terms and acronyms so that everyone has the same understanding. If you are using a Power Point presentation make the slides simple. Use the slides to bring attention to important points. My reading rate was 290 words per minute. My approach to reading the article 8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation was to just sit down and read it with an open mind. I read the article several times to make sure that I fully understood what the author was trying to say. I read the article on two different days both times it was in my bedroom. I
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Unformatted text preview: was in front of computer. There was not really any distractions for me to have to minimize. When I work on any class work I always keep the room quiet except for environmental noises such as a car driving by, a dog barking, or computer noises. I feel that I did become emotionally involved while reading the article because it made me think about presentations that I have attended, as well as presentations that I myself have given. It made me think about what I liked and didn't like about presentations. I was reading not only to understand, but I was also reading to evaluate so that I could use the ideas for use in the future. A new vocabulary terms that I learned was: Factoid- something that resembles a fact but is not verified and is deemed as credible because it has been printed. Other than that the words used in the article were straight forward and part of my vocabulary....
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