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DQ 1 Week 8 - understand what I am trying to learn By doing...

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My strongest intelligences are verbal linguistic and interpersonal. I had the same score for both of these intelligences. The traits of my verbal linguistic intelligence pretty much go along with the way that I study. Mainly when I study I read the material and while I am doing so I will highlight things like definitions and make notes in the margins. There were five recommended study techniques and out of those five I use one. I don't feel that rewriting my notes, outlining the chapters, teaching someone else, or reciting information are useful to how I learn and comprehend information. I feel that these techniques would be time consuming and I like to stick with what I know works for me. I feel that for me personally reading and highlighting what I feel is important allows me to better
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Unformatted text preview: understand what I am trying to learn. By doing this I come up with my own questions and theories. Out of the five study techniques for interpersonal I would study with a group, discuss information, and use flash cards. I find that studying with a group is useful because it allows you to discuss the information and see how others interpret the same information. You gain another point of view that could possibly help you to understand something that you may be confused about. Flash cards are something that I use frequently when I am trying to learn definitions. When I was taking an art history class at the local community college I had a lot of definitions that I had to learn. I made flash cards and when I was on the bus going to and from school I would go over the flash cards....
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