Week 8 Checkpoint Due day 7

Week 8 Checkpoint Due day 7 - The traits and...

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The traits and characteristics of Verbal/Linguistic is they have a good memory, they can explain things well and are good at remembering information in either written or verbal form. They like to talk and ask questions. A person who has a strong verbal/linguistic intelligence also enjoys reading, writing, will often use humor when telling stories, and is good at debating or being persuasive. http://www.brighthub.com/education/special/articles/13770.aspx This website gave a lot of information on verbal linguistic intelligence most of what said was true, I do enjoy talking and asking questions. I am an avid reader to the point that I will read two to three books a week. I have a good memory this comes in handy at work especially when I go into a clients house and they tell me one time how they like things done and if I come back again I am able to remember how they like things. Also I can remember how to get to places after only driving there one time. I am a good speller, but still spell check is something that I use frequently. I feel that there are things in this article that contradicted who I am. I enjoy jokes and
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Week 8 Checkpoint Due day 7 - The traits and...

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