Week 9 Checkpoint due Day 3

Week 9 Checkpoint due Day 3 - I feel that that five...

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I feel that that five strengths that I posses that will help me in completing my degree are; determination, being organized, having a good work ethic, being creative, and my social intelligence. What drove me to go back to college for the third time is the fact that my current employer is not utilizing my time, and skills. I have been struggling since June when one of my clients passed away for work. I have filled unemployment against them for lack of work, I call in every week letting them know what I am available for, and it hasn't worked. I have talked to my supervisor and pointed out that I am a hard worker, all my reviews have been good, I am never late, I rarely am ill, and I overall need to work to pay my bills. So in September I decided that I had enough of these games with my employer. I decided that I had to do whatever it took to go back to school. I was determined that I was not going to be stuck in a job with a company that was not capable of utilizing my work ethic, and skills.
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