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CNA: Nurse I was just in Mr. Williams room and I noticed that he is suffering from some peripheral edema his legs, ankles, and feet are swollen, and he stated that he was feeling some discomfort in his chest and is having a difficulty breathing he is making a wheezing sound when he breaths. Nurse : I am going to come in and look at the swelling and listen to Mr. Williams lungs he does suffer from asthma and congestive heart failure(CHF). Edema is a symptom of the CHF and he could be having an asthma attack. Will you please take Mr. Williams vital signs I want to make sure he is not suffering from hypertension . CNA: Do you just want a blood pressure, and respiration or would you like a full set of vitas? Nurse: A full set of vitals would be best.
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Unformatted text preview: CNA: Nurse Mr. Williams had a systolic pressure of 135 and a diastolic pressure of 85, his resting pulse was 60, his respiration were 15, and he had a normal temperature of 98.8 degrees. Nurse: Well then it sounds like Mr. Williams is suffering from prehypertension do you know if he has eaten a large amount of salt, and also how is his urine output? We need to start to monitor the salt intake of Mr. Williams, and also monitor the urine output. Also when I was in listening to Mr. Williams lungs his left lung sounded congested so I gave him his asthma inhaler and I am going to give his doctor a call Mr. Williams might be in the early stages of pneumonia....
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