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DQ1 - Instructed client to eat a high protein diet to help...

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Doe, John R. 8/3/2010 S: Patient is here today because he has a large open wound on his buttock and that is right calf is swollen. Patient stated that he has been feeling feverish, as well as chills. The patient states that he is currently spending a majority of his day in bed due to recent surgery on his left leg. O: The ulcer is located on the left buttock it is about 2 cm in length and about 2 cm deep. The right leg is also warm, swollen, and red. A: The client is suffering from a Stage III decubitus ulcer, and is suffering from cellulitus of the right calf. P: Ordered a blood draw to Red Blood Cell count, White Blood Cell Count, and CD4 Count . Request for an visiting nurse to come to clients house once a day to clean ulcer, and apply bandages to make sure that ulcer does not dry out..
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Unformatted text preview: . Instructed client to eat a high protein diet to help promote healing. Also instructed that client to develop a regular repositioning routine where he is repositioned every 2 hours while in bed and every 15 minutes when in a sitting position. Visiting nurse will provided progress notes once a week for ulcer. Ordered Dicloxacillin 500mg to be taken orally 4 times a day for 10 days. Patient to be re-checked in 14 days. Instructed client to elevate legs while laying in bed and in sitting position. Also once the cellulitus has resolved patient will need to wear ted hose on lower extremities. Tabitha L. Neufind MD TLN:btg D: 8/3/2010 T:8/3/2010...
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