Checkpoint The Patient Self determination Act

Checkpoint The Patient Self determination Act - Some of the...

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The Patient Self-Determination Act is a federal law that states that patients be informed about their rights to make their own healthcare decisions in advance of any serious illness or injury. This act also states that a patient has the right to decide what medical care they would feel would be appropriate and inappropriate. The effect of the Patient Self-Determination Act is that it has given patients the right to decided what health care options are in their best interest. The Advance Directives are what protects the individuals rights to make these types of decisions. This act also helps to protect hospital and doctors when they must make a decision on what is best for a patient. These directives have made it necessary for medical service providers to have these documents as a part of a patients medical record so that medical service providers are aware of a patients health care wishes.
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Unformatted text preview: Some of the common Advance Directives are: Do Not Resuscitate (DNR): This order states that if a person suffers from cardiac or respiratory arrest that they do not want CPR use to resuscitate them. Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care : If a patient was to become mentally incapacitated a appointed agent would be able to make legal and business decisions on the persons behalf. Health Care Proxy : This is a document that allows a patient to appoint another individual to make health care decisions if an individual is not capable of doing so on their own behalf. Living Will : A legal document that explains the medical treatment or life support treatments that an individual wants if they were to become terminally ill. Organ and Tissue Donation : This provides authorization for a hospital to remove organs and tissues to donate at the time of death....
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Checkpoint The Patient Self determination Act - Some of the...

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