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DQ 1 - judgments"(National Commission on Correctional...

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The National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) states that their mission is to " improve the quality of health care in jails" (National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, n.d.). They are a not for profit organization and their goal is to work towards improving the quality of health care in juvenal facilities, prisons, and jails. The NCCHC is involved in many different areas from administration to health records. The work of the NCCHC has set standards that has helped to improve the health of the inmates in detention and correctional facilities. They help these facilities to efficiently deliver medical care, make the organization strong and effective, and reduce the "risk of adverse legal
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Unformatted text preview: judgments" (National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, n.d.). The medical records are affected by accreditation if the medical records of a facility not meet the standards of the NCCHC then the facility does not receive it's accreditation. Just like in a hospital where a persons medical records and personal identification information are confidential the NCCHC is setting standards to make sure that the medical records of people who are confined to these correctional and detention facilities are also kept confidential. References National Commission on Correctional Healthcare. (n.d.). National Commission on Correctional Health Care . Retrieved from http://www.ncchc.org/...
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