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In my current line of work I have access to information on the clients that I provide service to. My information is in the printed form of a Plan of Care. In order to maintain the safety of the clients medical information along with their personal information there are certain things that I am required to do. When we are given information on a client we are expected to only discuss our clients information with the client or an authorized representative. It is our responsibility to make sure that we keep our clients personal information secure. So for example I have to keep my clients plan of care, time sheets, and any other information locked in my trunk of my vehicle. I feel that the measures that I must take are similar to measures that someone who was accessing a persons medical records would do. The first thing that any person who is in the healthcare industry and is accessing a patients information is to follow HIPPA. Make sure that you have the proper
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Unformatted text preview: authorization to even be accessing the information, that if you need to discuss information about an issue in a medical record that you provided only the information that is needed to solve the issue that you are dealing with. The second thing that I would say is important to make sure that you are following the standards for medical records documentation. Medical records are maintained with certain standards so that medical personal can access the information and make sure that they are offering quality health care. The third thing that I think is important in making sure that you maintain the standards of medical records is make sure that you are aware of your companies policies when it comes to accessing medical records. Make sure that you are following the confidentially policies and security measures so that unauthorized people are not gaining access other's medical and personal information....
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