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Checkpoint Records Administrators and Technicians

Checkpoint Records Administrators and Technicians -...

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A records administrator is responsible for managing health care information and records. They also administer computer information systems to collect and analyze patients data using classification and medical terminology. A administrator also is knowledgeable of medical, administrative, ethical, legal and standard requirements that are related to the delivery of patients confidential health information. Along with all these other duties the records administrator they are active in all aspects of organization they manage people and operational units, they participate in administrative committees, and prepare financial information such as budgets. They use the data of patients to help the organization make decisions in the everyday operation. A records health information technician is responsible for ensuring the quality of medical records. They verify information in the computer system and make sure that it is complete, accurate, and properly entered. They use
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Unformatted text preview: computer programs to gather and analyze patient data with the goal to improve patient care and help control costs. A records health technician will specialize in coding diagnosis and patient procedures in patients records to make sure that the organization is correctly reimbursed as well as for research purposes. A records health technician can also work as a cancer register where they compile and maintain information on cancer patients. Differences are that a health care technician is more likely to work in a hospital, doctors office, nursing home, home health agency, mental health facilities, pharmaceutical companies , law and insurance firms, and vendors who sell health care products. While a records administrator can also be found in many of these same settings they can also work in insurance companies, software vendors, provide consulting services, government agencies, and education....
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