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Assignment Records Control - Running head: RECORD CONTROLS...

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Running head: RECORD CONTROLS 1 Record Controls Tabitha Neufind HCR 210 October 24, 2010 Marticia Turner
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RECORD CONTROLS 2 Record Controls Medical records are necessary to enable a medical facility to have a patient's information be stored in one location, that is not only easily accessible, but also secure. Keeping track of patient records can be a daunting task, especially trying to make sure that the records have the most current information, and that the storage area is secure so that confidentiality is never broken. All of these steps help to make sure that HIPPA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines are met and ensures that a patients privacy is never compromised. All medical facilities have their own ways of accomplishing these tasks, but there are both differences and similarities among facilities of all sizes. No matter what size the facility is each has the same goal in mind to control the movement and storage of a patient records and ensure the privacy of the patients. Small, medium and large facilities all have different places where files are kept depending on if they use electronic records or paper records. Paper records for example could be stored a majority of the time in a centralized location where they are housed in an open-shelf file, or a lateral file. There are also other places where a patient file could also be stored such as a filing cabinet, on a physician's desk, or in locked rooms. Access to the files should be controlled allowing only staff of the facility access. There should be a limited number of people who have access to the files in order to reduce the chances of missing files. If a file were to go missing then
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Assignment Records Control - Running head: RECORD CONTROLS...

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