Checkpoint Record Organization

Checkpoint Record Organization - the right side and left...

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With there not being an established standard of how a health care provider must set up their patient charts it still seems that a consensus has been reached on appropriate ways to create a chart. This of course depends on the needs of the practice and so they choose to set up their charts that will best suite their needs. It seems that most smaller practices choose to place certain documents on the right side and other documents on the left side. They also place the newest information placed on top. All loose information is permanently anchored in the patient's chart. In medium sized facilities there were some clinics in the interview data that laid the patient's chart out so that different type of documents had specific sections that they were located in. While two other medium sized facilities had two different ways of handling the patient information. One facility simply used
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Unformatted text preview: the right side and left side approach, where the other medium sized facility chose to organize the patient's reports according to the date that they were seen. Also medium sized facilities are moving away from paper charts and to an electronic medical record new information is entered into the electronic record either by a medical assistant or the doctor at the time that the patient is seen. Larger facilities for the most part have also chosen to have specific tabs within the patient's charts where different documents are located. Most large facilities have moved to an electronic medical record which also has specific tabs that appear on the screen. Each tab is a collection of the patient's data for a specific document. If the lab's tab was clicked it would bring up a list of lab reports and by clicking on a link the doctor would be able to review the information....
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Checkpoint Record Organization - the right side and left...

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