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Checkpoint Internet Databases - was able to see that...

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Having medical information stored in an internet database is a great idea to an point. By making it so that any doctor a person can see have access to their medical record allows the doctor to get a better idea of the history of the person, as well as see what kind of previous treatments a person has had. This type of system would also help to cut down on the reputation of the same tests because another doctor would have instant access to reports on blood work, x- rays, and other diagnostic tests that another doctor might of ordered. This type of system would help to improve patient care because there are things that a patient can forget such as what types of medications they have allergies to, what surgeries they have had performed and when they were performed and who performed the surgery. An on line database of medical records would also help to cut down on people who obtain prescriptions for narcotics from multiple doctors. If a doctor
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Unformatted text preview: was able to see that another doctor just a week ago wrote a patient a prescription for a thirty day supply of Lortab. This will help to identify people who may have an addiction to prescription drugs. There are also many concerns over the use of an on line medical records database. The most important factor would of course be getting all providers to store their medical information in an electronic format, and having a consistent system that everyone could access. Then there is of course the issue of how secure the database would be. There would be a need for heavy security to protect hackers from getting into the database and accessing the medical records of patients. More over creating an on line database of patient medical records will save millions of dollars each year, improve the quality of health care, and reduce medical errors....
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Checkpoint Internet Databases - was able to see that...

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