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A register is a collection of information such as recording items, names, or actions. Examples of a register are births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, admission and discharges, Registers are organized chronologically and contain patient data and is used for reference or control purposes. A registry is an organized system for the collection, storage, retrieval, and analysis of a specific disease of condition. For example there are cancer registries which track different types of cancers. If I had the authority I would enact a policy so that people could chose if they
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Unformatted text preview: want their health information shared in a registry and the register. I realize that these types of information are vital to research but I feel that patients should have the right to chose if they want their information used in this way. Not only are theses tools used for research but they also help a facility to look and see if their facility is being used efficiently and effectively so that patients are receiving the highest quality of care available....
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