Checkpoint Legal Terms - this rule because health care...

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1. Administrative Law: regulations that are created by administrative agencies of the government. Regulations are an interpretation of how a law is to be enforced. 2. Case Law (common law): is based on decisions of the judicial system rather than on statutes. 3. Statutory Law: is laws passed by the legislative bodies, these laws can be amended, repealed or expanded on my the legislative body. 4. Statue of Limitations: the amount of time which a lawsuit can be filed. 5. Medical Malpractice: when a care provider acts in a negligent or improper manner that results in injury, damage, or loss. 6. Court Order: A written command ordered by the court or the judge. 7. Subpoena duce tecum: A written command by the court that orders a person to appear in court to testify or with documents. 8. Privileged Communication: Any information that a patient communicates to a health care provider is considered private. There are exceptions to
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Unformatted text preview: this rule because health care providers are mandated reports and must report abuse and neglect. 9. Covered Entities: Private or public sector organizations that must follow HIPPA provisions when transmitting health care information in an electronic format. 10. Impeach: To challenge the honesty of a persons previous answer. 11.Tort: any wrongful act for which a civil suit can be brought 12.Contracts: binding agreements between two or more parties. Can be verbal or written contracts. 13.Discovery: The legal process in which lawyers use to obtain information about a case with the goal to find information that will prepare the case for trial or settlement. 14.Deposition: A form of discovery used to learn answers to certain questions and obtain a sworn statement. 15.Res ipsa loquitur: something is self evident...
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Checkpoint Legal Terms - this rule because health care...

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