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Checkpoint Medical Records Documentation and Billing

Checkpoint Medical Records Documentation and Billing -...

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Compliance plans uncover compliance problems and correct them. A compliance plan is the process of finding, correcting, and preventing illegal medical office practices. The goal of a compliance plan is to prevent fraud and abuse by identifying, investigating, and fixing, compliance issues that occur and have a plan to make sure that they do not happen again. Compliance plans also ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Finally a compliance plan help to protect a practice from persecution because it shows that the practice is making honest and ongoing attempts to find and fix areas where problems occur. Compliance plans take place in steps two through seven and affect. When a patient is being checked in the information that is being collected is helping to start the compliance plan by making sure that patients information is current and up to date. Compliance then continues to take place when recording diagnose and procedure codes
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Unformatted text preview: after a patient sees the provider. Compliance continues as the codes are reviewed in step five to make sure that the diagnosis codes are recorded in the medical record and that they are logically connected. In step six the codes are once again checked for billing compliance and making sure that all codes are billable according to the health insurance plans standards. Medical records are connected to steps one through six of the medical billing process. Steps one and two are gathering a patient’s demographic information, their insurance information, and health information. As the billing process continues the diagnosis and procedure codes are recorded and checked several times making sure that compliance is met. Documentation standards are part of the entire medical billing process. From properly documenting the patients information to compiling a bill so that a patient can pay what is due....
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Checkpoint Medical Records Documentation and Billing -...

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