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Checkpoint Determining Diagnosis Code Categories

Checkpoint Determining Diagnosis Code Categories - The...

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The diagnosis code category for the scenario with the 68 year old male who suffers from a possible TIA would fall under the circulatory system which are codes 390-459. The rational for using this code category is because the doctor is ordering an MRI to investigate a possible transient ischemic attack (TIA). The effects of a TIA rarely last more than two hours. Since the patient has been suffering from weakness for a 24 hour period this would lead me to believe that the patient may of suffered from something more serious such as a stroke. The diagnosis code category for the scenario with the 44 year old make who is complaining of intermittent chest pain would also fall under the symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions category which are codes 780-799.
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Unformatted text preview: The rational for using these codes is because it is simply chest pain and there is no real clear diagnosis stated. The patient scenario states that an EKG is being performed to rule out a possible cardiac event. The diagnosis code for the diabetic 72 year old female who is suffering from a wound that will not heal on her left foot would fall under diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue which are codes 680-709. The rational is that the patient is a suffering from a skin wound that will not heal. Although diabetic patients do run an increased risk in skin issues it would still fall under these codes because it is not an issue with the endocrine system....
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