Exercise Working with CPT Modifiers

Exercise Working with CPT Modifiers - commonly used in E/M...

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The CPT modifier for Bilateral procedures is -50 and this code is most commonly used for surgical procedures. It is not usually used with codes in other sections. The CPT modifier for multiple procedures is -51 and is used for anesthesia, surgery, radiology, and medicine. This codes is usually not used with E/M and is never used with pathology. The CPT modifier for prolonged evaluation and management is -21 and is
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Unformatted text preview: commonly used in E/M and is never used in any of the other categories. The CPT modifier for unusual anesthesia is -23 and is commonly used for Anesthesia it is never used in E.M or Medicine. The CPT modifier for mandated services is -32 and is a modifier that is used by will all of the CPT procedure codes....
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