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DQ 1 - reference indicates the change If we did not a...

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Permanent codes are codes are developed by a committee of representatives from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as other government agencies. These codes are available to all government and private payers and codes cannot be changed unless the advisory committee agrees. Temporary codes are for new medical advances. These codes may later be given permanent status if they are codes that become widely used. Temporary codes can be used by all payers, but if they become permanent codes the coding
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Unformatted text preview: reference indicates the change. If we did not a system without permanent codes then there would not be a way for providers to communicate what supplies that were used, there would not be a way to order durable medical supplies for patient and indicate the need for specialized treatments. Without this system a facility could just develop their own codes and it would make it difficult for a health insurance plan to properly pay for services and supplies....
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