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HCR 220 DQ 1 Week 8 - has 4 spaces where as the 1500 can...

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The CMS 1500 and the HIPPA 837 share many of the same data elements such as the basic information on the patient as well as information on the insurance policy holder, the type of insurance, also included on both of the claim forms is the diagnosis codes and the procedure codes. There are more difference than anything between the CMS 1500 and the HIPPA 837. The 837 has less space for diagnosis and procedure codes as 837 only
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Unformatted text preview: has 4 spaces where as the 1500 can have 8 different codes for one claim. I think that the similarities between the two different claims makes things a whole lot easier when it comes to completing the forms. Since a majority of the information is the same someone who is filling out either form knows that the same basic information will be required....
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