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It is important to prepare a clean claim because common mistakes such as missing or incomplete facility information such as name address, and identification for services that are performed outside the office, missing Medicare assignment indicators for benefit assignments indicators, Missing part of the name or the identifier of a referring physician, missing or wrong patient date of birth, the payer’s name or payer identifier for both primary and secondary payers, the information for the primary information not submitted on a claim for a secondary payer, and most of all the use of procedure codes that are not valid. My suggestions for making sure that you submit a clean claim is triple check the
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Unformatted text preview: information that you are entering into the claim form. When you are performing data entry make sure that you do not use prefixes for people’s names, do not use special characters unless it is required by a insurance carrier. Put only valid data in all fields you want to avoid using words such as same. Do not use a dash, space, or special character in the zip code field. Do not use any type of special characters in the field for telephone numbers. Most billing programs or claim transmission programs will automatically format data such as dates as required by the format of the claim....
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