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AIS 01 - Acct 3320 Accounting Information Systems is a set...

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Acct 3320 Chapter 1 Accounting Information Systems : is a set of interrelated activities, documents, and technologies, designed to collect data, process it, and report information to a diverse group of internal and external decision makers in organizations. Unstructured problems : frequently encountered in the study of AIS and the practice of accounting. Refers to the problems without single, correct responses (solutions) that require creativity and judgment. Unstructured problems may have more than one acceptable answer, although some responses to them may clearly be incorrect or inappropriate. Conceptual framework: a guide for the development of future accounting principles. AIS Conceptual Framework: Capturing data on the elements of financial elements/ Transforming technologies into relevant and reliable information/ Recognizing and adapting to the cost-benefit constraint. AIS structure: Plays a vital role in its overall efficiency and effectiveness.
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