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Introduction: 10 points 2.5 pts 1) Define Acidosis and Alkalosis (1 point each); state blood pH (5 pts) 2.5 pts 2) 2 systems regulate blood pH 1) Pulminary (1 pt) 2) Renal (1 pt) 3) Response to 1 example (vomiting, exercise) (.5) 3) 2 causes of shifting blood pH 1) Pulminary 2) Metabolic 3) 1 example 1 EXTRA POINT HYPOTHESIS OF WHAT HAPPENS LIKE WHEN BICARBONATE GOES UP 4) Buffering system 1) mechanism 2) HCl proton donor 3) using bicarbonate as buffer
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Unformatted text preview: Methods: 20 points-concentrations and volume of bicarbonate-concentration and volume of HCl (100 uL)-gloves and inversion-graduated cylinders-calibrate pH meter-rinse pH meter-place pH meter or pH electrode-place pH meter/electrode in mixed solution-record pH-wash the pH meter/electrode-initial pH of all solutions (bicarbonate) is 7.0 Results-1 or 2 charts-...
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