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Melissa Reyes UFID: 6786-5269 3-23-2010 Cardiovascular Lab Introduction The cardiovascular system has two important functions for the body. The first is transporting nutrients and oxygen to tissues, as well as removing waste. In addition the cardiovascular system plays a major role in thermoregulation. The purpose of this experiment is to help in understanding the regulation of cardiac output (Q) and blood pressure (BP). Blood pressure is defined as the ratio of systole to diastole and it is the pressure exerted on the vessel walls by the blood. Systole is ventricular contraction, while diastole is ventricular relaxation. The blood pressure was measured using the auscultatory method that involves using Korotkoff sounds where the first “thud” you hear when taking blood pressure is a person’s systolic blood pressure and the fifth sound is a person’s diastolic blood pressure. In this experiment, exercises were implemented to see how it would influence blood pressure and cardiac output. It was predicted that static exercises would increase diastolic blood pressure, while dynamic exercises would increase systolic blood pressure Methods A stethoscope and sphygmomanometer were used to measure blood pressure A cycle ergometer was used for the dynamic exercises Weight was recorded in kilograms Blood pressure was taken using the brachial artery on the left arm Heart rate was taken using the radial artery on the right arm Blood pressure and heart rate were taken for three various activities o At rest (everyone) o 1 minute and 3 minutes for static exercises (a male and female) 45 degrees wall sit 90 degrees wall sit o 3 minutes and 6 minutes for dynamic exercises (a different pair of male and female)
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Cardiovascular Lab - Melissa Reyes UFID: 6786-5269...

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