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Grading Rubric – Pulmonary Function Lab 6 Introduction: 10 points 1) Definition of Ventilation – movement of air in and out in the lungs 2) Definition of Respiration: gas exchange (1 pt) A) Internal: Cellular level use of using O2 for ATP B) External: Movement of O2 and CO2 between environment and tissues -4 processes: 1) in lungs 2) in blood 3) transported 4) in tissues 3) Spirometer: Indirect Method, Explained ratio, and Suggests 2 disorders 4) Respiratory function is altered with exercise and level of trained muscle groups -Increase intensity: Increase Ve, Va, Tidal Volume (pick one) and Why: Higher O2 demand -Untrained as oppose to Trained: UB is higher than LB and Why: More untrained than LB so it doesn’t use O2 efficiently Methods: 20 points -spirometer was used to collect: FVC, FEV1, and Peak Flow (PEF)
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Unformatted text preview: -nose plugs, 1 way mouth value, hose, and metabolic cart, True Value 2400 program -Values obtained -Expired Volume -Collect values at END of 3 min; collect values during last min -Collected breaths during the last min of the activity-Activities:-Rest for 2 min -Ergometer -1 kp @ 50 rpm for 3 min and 2 kp @ 50 rpm for 3 min or 50 / 100 Watts-UB cycle – 3.5 mph @ 0 grade for 3 min and 4 mph @ 7.5 grade for 3 min or 50 / 100 Watts -3 min rest in between activities-Subject 1 and 2 did LB Ergometer first Results: 30 points Include suck blow test here. 2 Charts (1 for each subject) Units: 2 Graphs (1 for each subject) Units: Calculations: Spirometer readings Discussion: 40 points Ans all four questions in lab manual with a part (e) added for trends and errors....
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