INART ESSAY 2[1] - As one of major industry in the U.S, art...

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As one of major industry in the U.S, art plays significant role. It is true that art has very intensive influence to human being. Art is an indispensible sector for the U.S, and we should not merely define art as an extraneous or expendable luxury. We have very good examples that art industry revitalized itself during economic recession. Like broad way, they fought for the recession and tried to find out the way they can survive. Therefore, we have to think about the importance of art industry in the U.S and how we can revitalize it. It is true that we are in recession now. The growth of GDP was less than last year, and interest rate becomes lower and lower. We all know that it is possible to overcome such a hardship, but the different opinions exist in regard to art industry. Some of them may consider art as luxury expenditure or others can say that art is one of big industry which contributes to nation’s wealth. I also agree that art industry has significant role in nation’s wealth, and we cannot ignore it. In this sense, government should take different step while deciding the amount of fund for each sector. As Brian Riedl, a senior federal budget analyst for the Heritage Foundation, says, increase in productivity is very important to economic growth. However, producing specific goods only will not improve our economic situation. As you know,
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INART ESSAY 2[1] - As one of major industry in the U.S, art...

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