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TO: All Employees FROM: Joonweon Son, Head of Human-Resource DATE: May 10, 2010 SUBJECT: Holiday Bonus Distribution As we face economically very hard time, I know all of employees go through very hard time, and we did our best to overcome such financial difficulties. And I feel confident that we can go back to our original status as soon as possible. However, we all know that this year is the hardest time our company had ever met, and we are suffering from unexpected downturn in profits. Therefore, the Human-Resource department decided to distribute holiday bonus next year. After due consideration, this is the only choice we can make at this time, and I hope all
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Unformatted text preview: employees to understand how hard we decide to postpone holiday bonus. Additional information Compensation for unpaid holiday bonus We are very positive that our company will overcome this downturn in profits, and it will not be longer than 2 years. Therefore, our Human-Resource department is considering specific resolution, and will give additional announcement as soon as possible. I hope all SimuTech employees to understand our decision. And if you have any further question about, please contact Human-Resource department or e-mail me at [email protected]
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