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Korean Music Case Study Phase 2 I. Introduction II. The Culture as a Historical reflection A. Historical music types a. Pansori b. Pungmul c. Sanjo B. Traditional Instruments C. Court Music D. Aspects of Korean Music and Culture III. The Culture Today A. Industry and Economy B. Language and Culture C. Religions and Belief D. Arts and Influences IV. Sound A. Korean Folk Music a. Characteristics i. Jangdan- set type of rhythm ii. “modes” b. Types i. Pansori- long vocal and percussive music played by single singer and single drummer ii. Pungmul- form of percussion music that includes drumming, dancing, and singing. iii. Sanjo – entirely instrumental music that shifts rhythms and modes during the song. B. Traditional Instruments a. 12- string zither b. Haegum- two-string vertical fiddle c. Daegeum- large flute d. Piri- similar to oboe e. Panpipes f. Gong g. Bronze Bells h. Stone chimes i. Wooden box with mallet j. Tiger shaped scraper C. Korean Pop Music a. Origin b. Characteristics of Older K-pop music
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Unformatted text preview: c. Characteristics of New K-pop music V. Concept A. Traditional Korean Music a. Folk b. Religious c. Court d. Aristocratic B. Modern Music a. K-pop C. Role of Traditional Music a. Maintains traditional value D. Role of Modern Music a. Entertainment for new generation VI. Behavior A. Instrumentation a. Who made instruments b. Materials used and their accessibility B. Who are the musicians & audiences a. Court or elite music b. Traditional or folk music C. Musical Settings a. Pungmul- outdoor musical performances b. Court performances c. Modern K-pop musical performances- via tele VII. Listening A. K- Pop a. Also referred to as Kayo or Gayo b. Many artists have branched out of S. Korea and gained success in countries around the world B. History a. Influence and origin C. Current style a. Idol groups b. R&B / Hip-Hop D. Effects a. Influence of K pop on the global music scene...
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