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Caribbean: Music and Politics Caribbean The Caribbean Overview: In this lesson we will examine reggae and its role as a political mouthpiece in Jamaica. In order to understand this phenomenon, it is necessary to understand the political situation throughout Jamaica’s history. This lesson will therefore begin with a detailed description of Jamaican history. We will then learn about some of the musical characteristics of Jamaican music and how they relate to Jamaica’s history and culture. We will then examine the concept of music and politics to see two major ways in which music can be and has been used socially and politically. In our case study we will look at the popular music genres that preceded reggae to see the organic process through which reggae arose, and how reggae is similar and different from its predecessors. Then in our scenario we will focus on the political impact of the music of Bob Marley. We will conclude by looking at how Jamaican music has changed since the death of Marley. Objectives: Upon completion of this Lesson you will be able to: • Locate Jamaica in the Caribbean • List the musical characteristics of Jamaican music • Define hidden transcripts and public transcripts • List and describe the musical influences on reggae • Define roots reggae • Define riddim • Describe the significance of Bob Marley’s music in Jamaican history • List and define the musical genres that succeeded roots reggae Steps to Completion: Read the lesson on Caribbean View the online lesson by clicking on the "next page" link in the upper and lower right corners. View individual pages by using the navigation on the left, the next page will be Introduction.
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Individual pages are also accessible by the drop down menu on the top center of this page. Take the Lesson Quiz The quiz will be accessible through Angel Take the quiz between 8am and 11pm on Friday There is a 17 minute time allotment Introduction A Concert In this lesson we will be looking at a music and culture that, although is not part of the United States, is close enough to home with enough musical overlap that most students have at least some familiarity with it. The Caribbean is a vacation destination for many Americans, and the music from this region, particularly reggae and calypso, seem in some ways as much a part of the American musical culture as many of our own music genres. This lesson, however, will challenge you to see this familiar music in a new light. We will be focusing our study of Caribbean music on reggae and looking at it through the lens of how music intersects with politics. While many people know reggae music, far fewer know of its significance as a mode of socio- political expression. Jamaican music is such an incredibly broad topic that we can barely scratch
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Caribbean - Caribbean Music and Politics Caribbean The...

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