Celtic - Celtic Music Music and Migration Overview In this...

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Celtic Music: Music and Migration Overview: In this lesson we will explore the music of the Celtic nations and the Celtic diaspora. We will locate the Celtic nations to see what unifies them and what makes them unique. With an understanding of the history of the Celtic people clarified, we will turn to the music to examine the characteristics of Celtic music, including some of the major instruments, and how this music fits into Celtic culture. We will then look at the concept of music and migration, examining types of migration to see how they affect music both in the homeland and diaspora communities. In our case study of Celtic music we will study examples of Irish traditional music and see how they reflect the Irish experience of migration. We will conclude by exploring the role of music in our changing world through the music of The Chieftains. Objectives: Upon completion of this Lesson you will be able to: Locate the Celtic nations Define diaspora List reasons for migration, both forced and voluntary Describe the role of music in diaspora communities List the major reasons for Irish emigration List the characteristics Irish emigration songs Define the major tune types of Celtic dance music Steps to Completion Read the lesson on Celtic Music View the online lesson by clicking on the "next page" link in the upper and lower right corners. View individual pages by using the navigation on the left, the next page will be Introduction. Individual pages are also accessible by the drop down menu on the top center of this page. Take the Lesson Quiz The quiz will be accessible through Angel Take the quiz between 8am on Thursday and 11pm on Friday There is a 17 minute time allotment Introduction
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Kilkenny, Ireland In this lesson we will be looking at a group of countries, or more specifically, parts of countries, known as the Celtic nations. These nations have been grouped together by a common identity, the “Celtic” one, with a shared sense of history that dates back centuries. With this shared identity comes a shared music. The music has been one of the major things that have stayed with the Celtic people wherever they have gone. Now there are Celtic people all over the world. And it is primarily the music that gives them a sense of identity and unity even when they are not in their homeland. In this lesson we will explore the history and some of the rich musical traditions of the Celtic people through a case study of the Irish. We will frame our study of Irish music through the lens of migration, a concept that characterizes so much of the Irish experience. But first let us examine the Celtic culture in general. Location
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Celtic - Celtic Music Music and Migration Overview In this...

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