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IFRS 3 © IASCF A93 International Financial Reporting Standard 3 Business Combinations This version was issued in January 2008. Its effective date is 1 July 2009. It includes amendments resulting from IFRSs issued up to 31 December 2009. IAS 22 Business Combinations was issued by the International Accounting Standards Committee in October 1998. It was a revision of IAS 22 Business Combinations (issued in December 1993), which replaced IAS 22 Accounting for Business Combinations (issued in November 1983). In April 2001 the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) resolved that all Standards and Interpretations issued under previous Constitutions continued to be applicable unless and until they were amended or withdrawn. In March 2004 the IASB issued IFRS 3 Business Combinations . It replaced IAS 22 and three Interpretations: •S I C - 9 Business Combinations—Classification either as Acquisitions or Unitings of Interests I C - 2 2 Business Combinations—Subsequent Adjustment of Fair Values and Goodwill Initially Reported I C - 2 8 Business Combinations—“Date of Exchange” and Fair Value of Equity Instruments . IFRS 3 was amended by IFRS 5 Non-current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations (issued March 2004). IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements (as revised in September 2007) * amended the terminology used throughout IFRSs, including IFRS 3. In January 2008 the IASB issued a revised IFRS 3. Since then IFRS 3 and its accompanying documents have been amended by IFRS 9 Financial Instruments (issued November 2009). The following Interpretations refer to IFRS 3: I C - 3 2 Intangible Assets—Web Site Costs (issued March 2002 and amended by IFRS 3 in March 2004) •I F R I C 9 Reassessment of Embedded Derivatives (issued March 2006) F R I C 1 7 Distributions of Non-cash Assets to Owners (issued November 2008) § F R I C 1 9 Extinguishing Financial Liabilities with Equity Instruments (issued November 2009). ø * effective date 1 January 2009 effective date 1 January 2013 (earlier application permitted) § effective date 1 July 2009 ø effective date 1 July 2010 (earlier application permitted)
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IFRS 3 A94 © IASCF C ONTENTS paragraphs INTRODUCTION IN1–IN13 INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARD 3 BUSINESS COMBINATIONS OBJECTIVE 1 SCOPE 2 IDENTIFYING A BUSINESS COMBINATION 3 THE ACQUISITION METHOD 4–53 Identifying the acquirer 6–7 Determining the acquisition date 8–9 Recognising and measuring the identifiable assets acquired, the liabilities assumed and any non-controlling interest in the acquiree 10–31 Recognition principle 10–17 Recognition conditions 11–14 Classifying or designating identifiable assets acquired and liabilities assumed in a business combination 15–17 Measurement principle 18–20 Exceptions to the recognition or measurement principles 21–31 Exception to the recognition principle 22–23 Contingent liabilities 22–23 Exceptions to both the recognition and measurement principles 24–28 Income taxes 24–25 Employee benefits 26 Indemnification assets 27–28 Exceptions to the measurement principle 29–31 Reacquired rights 29
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ifrs3 - IFRS 3 International Financial Reporting Standard 3...

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