1_6 - Machine Design II Prof. K.Gopinath & Prof....

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Machine Design II Prof. K.Gopinath & Prof. M.M.Mayuram Indian Institute of Technology Madras Stressing other than fully reversed loadings. Quite frequently it is necessary to determine the strength of parts corresponding to stress situations other than complete reversals. Many times in design the stresses fluctuate without passing through zero. Some of the stress time relationships and the components of stresses involved with such situations and the relations among them will be discussed now. One type is zero-to-max-to zero , where a part which is carrying no load is then subjected to a load, and later, the load is removed, so the part goes back to the no-load condition. An example of this type of loading is a chain used to haul logs behind a tractor. Another type of fatigue loading is a varying load superimposed on a constant load . The suspension wires in a railroad bridge are an example of this type. The wires have a constant static tensile load from the weight of the bridge, and an additional tensile load when a train is on the bridge. For such type of stressing how to proceed will be looked now. Cyclic Stressing As the name implies, the induced stresses vary in some pattern with time. This can be due to variation in the applied load itself or because of the conditions of use as seen earlier. Let us assume that the pattern of such a variation is sinusoidal. Then the following are the basic terminology associated with variable stresses. The definitions included here are elementary. They are introduced for clarity and convenience.
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1_6 - Machine Design II Prof. K.Gopinath & Prof....

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