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3310harjoitus2 - 3310 to 18.9.08 MURTUMIS J A...

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Unformatted text preview: 3310 to 18.9.08 MURTUMIS- J A VAURIOMEKANIIKKA syksy 2008 Harjoitus 2 . Sami Pajunen, Timo Saksala 1. Tarkastellaan alla olevan kuvan mukaista koekappaletta. Kuinka pienia voivat r1 ja r2 olla, j otta kappaleen elinika olisi aareton? Fm; = 10000 N, R=O,t= 1mm Su=640 MPa 0'f=950MPa 2. (Problem 4.17 from Ballantine et al.) An axial member is used to suspend a piece of machinery. The machine weighs 5000 lb and produces and alternating force of i 700 lb due to a reciprocating mass. The axial member is 1 in. wide and has a thickness of 0.375 in. By mistake a 0.25 in. diameter hole is drilled through the center of the bar. Determine if this member is safe for an infinite fatigue life. The material used for the member is a steel with an ultimate strength, Su = 56 ksi. 3. Materiaalin stabiili hystereesisilmukka maéiritelléiéin seuraavasti: A8 = 0.004, cm = 0, omax = 300 MPa. Materiaalin muut arvot ovat: E = 205 GPa, 6f, = 1000 MPa, ef’ = 0.26, b = -0.095, = - 0.47. a) Mikéi on materiaalin elinikz'i? b) Jos om = 100 MP3, mika on N? ...
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