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Name______________________ Quiz 1 1. Which of the following constitute plagiarism? Place a check mark next to those that do. If you check “yes”, explain underneath how you would fix the problem. __√_ Using in a report or paper an equation out of a book without referencing the source. Cite the source. For example, “…as shown in equation 2 [3]…”, where [3] is the reference number. This assumes that you did not know the equation prior to turning to the book (equation not common knowledge). If the equation is common knowledge (F = ma) and you didn’t need that book to get it, then you don’t need to cite the source. __√_ Using an image from the web in a presentation to a class. Cite the source, both in the caption and the text. For example, “Figure 1. Photo of an animal, taken from [3].”
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