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There are 3 key elements to pay attention to: Text, Figures, and Calculations Figures Calculations Text What are the MAIN points of the chapter? Find out by reading the SUMMARY first. Find the logical relationship between section topics. What is the Topic of the chapter? What does the title mean? For Each Paragraph: Write down the MAIN idea in your own words. Write down short definitions of new vocabulary. For Each Section: When examples are given, write down the point that the example is about, followed by a list of examples and their significance. What does the figure show? Be able to describe and explain each part of the
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Unformatted text preview: figure to a 12 year old. Write down what each equation is used for. What can be calculated from the equation? What information is needed to use the equation? When is each equation valid? Look at the section where this equation is introduced. Can the equation be applied to topics in other sections as well? Be able to read the equation and explain each part. If there are many steps to a solution or procedure, write down a general RECIPE. As you read, write down any questions you have and note places where you get stuck. Bring your questions to class....
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