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ECE 405L Electronic Communications Laboratory I. Evaluating Laboratory Equipment a. Introduction (Week 1) i. Introduction to Course ii. Review of Communications Theory 1. Domains 2. Fourier Series iii. Introduction to Laboratory Equipment 1. Oscilloscope 2. Spectrum Analyzer 3. Oscillators 4. Computers iv. Cables and Connectors b. Experiment 1 (Week 2) i. ii. Oscillators 1. Waveforms 2. Modulation Types a. AM b. FM c. PM d. Quad e. Ortho f. Multiplexing i. TDM ii. FDM iii. PDM II. Evaluating Modulation Techniques a. On-Off Keying (OOK) Modulation (Week 3) (Digital)
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Unformatted text preview: b. Information ( Patents, FCC, and HP) c. Amplitude Modulation (AM) Week 4) (Analog and Digital) d. Parts e. Amplitude Demodulation (Week 5) ( Analog) f. Band Names and Frequencies g. Frequency Modulation (Week 6) (Analog and Digital) h. Band Plans i. Frequency Demodulation (Week 7) (Analog) j. Propagation and Antennas k. Frequency Division Multiplexing (Week 8, 9) (Analog) l. Receivers and Transmitters III. Laboratory Proficiency (Week 10)...
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