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ECE 405L Reports

ECE 405L Reports - III Show and explain your pre-lab...

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ECE 405L Electronic Communications Laboratory After completing each experiment each student must submit an individual report describing what was accomplished. Typically, students will submit the written report one week after performing the experiment. However, no points will be deducted if the report is submitted within two weeks of the start of the experiment. Laboratory Reports should include and answer the following: I. What theories were evaluated? These include all electronic theories not just communications. II. What are the objectives of this experiment? All experiments have more than one objective. The experiment handout sheet explains one of those objectives.
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Unformatted text preview: III. Show and explain your pre-lab calculations. These should show equations and have some explanation indicating why this is done. IV. For each output plot you made during the experiment-a. Identify what is shown on the plot. Mark up your printout identifying what can be seen in the spectrum or plot. b. Identify the theory involved. V. Compare pre-lab calculations with your lab results. VI. Explain all differences. VII. Format of the report requires: a. Cover page with student name, date, and Experiment number. b. All other format requirements may be selected by the student. IEEE 6 page format recommended....
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