What to Do - ii. Set output for a sinewave at 1 MHz with a...

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ECE 405L Electronic Communications Laboratory What to do each week 1. Turn on equipment to be used in this week’s experiment. a. Computer System (and log in) b. HP 8590 Spectrum Analyzer c. AG 54622 Oscilloscope d. HP 3312 Function generator e. AG 33120 Arbitrary Function generator f. KH 3100 Active Filter 2. Configure and/or Confirm Operation of Equipment. a. HP 8590 (Perform Frequency Calibration) b. AG 54622 (Set to Default Settings) c. HP 3312 (Set Blue buttons to in positions, Set all modulator buttons to  “out” position, set symmetry knob and trigger knob to counterclockwise  locked position) d. HP 3312 (Verify output waveform(s)— i. Connect BNC-BNC RG58 cable between output of function  generator and input 1 of oscilloscope. 
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Set output for a sinewave at 1 MHz with a peak amplitude of 1 volt. iii. Observe in the time domain and capture the screen using Intuilink to add to your report. iv. Observe in the frequency domain and capture screen using Benchlink to add to your report. v. Look for correct amplitudes and frequencies in the time domain. vi. Look at amplitudes, frequencies, and harmonics in the frequency domain. 3. Perform Required Measurements for Experiments. a. Start with the Time domain measurements. b. Perform Frequency domain measurements starting with the FFT then go to the real time spectrum measurement. c. Record and save all measurements for every waveform. Rhc 04/07/09...
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What to Do - ii. Set output for a sinewave at 1 MHz with a...

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